“An Empty Pocket, A Broken Heart, and A Broken Body ; can teach the best lessons in life.”

Life teaches us the best lessons when we are down.

The biggest lessons in my personal and professional life were learnt by the time I spent by me as a patient attendant with my mother and father during their in-hospital stays – much before I went on to become a doctor ; and the week I spent in hospital – ten years ago with a tube down my nose, after I underwent an esophageal surgery after being a practicing Cardiothoracic Surgeon for a decade.

And they led me to fully endorse Maya Angelou’s thoughts – when she said :

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ”

Hi, I’m Dr.Irineu Antao Pereira, a Doctor By Default, a Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon, and A Healthcare Consultant By Design – who loves to unwind by cooking, interior designing and listening to music.

Above all, I love guiding the Genxt of Specialist and Super-Specialist Doctors in living “A Life of Design”.
I imagine my mentees waking-up and jumping-out of bed everyday – energized, excited and empathetic ; and leading “Exceptional Lives’ of Personal, Professional and Financial Excellence.

Do you imagine yourself being excited to excelling in life ?Then it’s time to let go of the hesitancy – like I did twenty five years ago ; and to reach out to a mentor ; to live up to your true potential.

The world – and our own circle of family and friends ; has people who will text, call – to offer their apologies, condolences and sympathies at an unfavorable event, or outcome. But few will come forward and walk along with you along the tough road to better and brighter days.

In healthcare too, it’s not uncommon to find a healthcare provider being relegated to as just being an ‘Employee’ or a ‘Paneled Consultant’, and the patient being just a ‘Client’ or a ‘Customer’. And the whole story revolving in the ‘Bottom-Lines” – more specifically the financial ones. We tend to look through the fact that there is more to life than  monetary success, and more to the healing process – than just treating the disease. We may fail to demonstrate true compassion and empathy – to even ourselves, let alone our dear ones and those under our care.

The net result :

  1. Doctors let their childhood dreams, their hobbies and their passions, die a slow death,
  2. Doctors generally lead a ‘One-Track’ Life – even at the cost of their own health and families,
  3. Doctors are living sub-optimal lives at a Personal, Professional and Financial Level. They are leading ‘A Life of Default’, and not ‘A Life of Design’.

And it was natural for “Physician Burn-Out”, to be a reality. A ‘Silent Epidemic’ that is taking a heavy toll on doctors across all levels – all over the world.

But there is always a better way, to a better life. It’s time to review, reinvent and re-design your life to greater success by asking the following Three Questions :

  • Do you ‘feel at home and at peace’ in your heart, mind, body and soul ?
  • Do you find yourself living “A Life of Default” – at the command of the “4 Fs” – Friends, Family, Fame and Fortune ?
  • Do you aspire to living “A Life of Design” – a life driven by your internal drivers – Heart, Mind, Body and Soul ?

Let us connect over a message or an email, and know your story and your vision. We can then proceed to a career transforming call or career mentorship. Rest assured, I will be truly delighted to walk alongside you on your journey to ‘An Exceptional Life’ – “A Life of Design”.

Welcome to a better you : You 2.0

Dr.Irineu A Pereira