The biggest positive difference in my personal and professional life was made by the time I spent with my mother and father in hospitals – much before I went on to become a doctor ; and the week I spent in hospital – ten years ago with a tube down my nose, after I underwent an esophageal surgery after being a practicing Cardiothoracic Surgeon for a decade.

Life teaches us the best lessons when we are down. An Empty Pocket, A Broken Heart, and A Broken Body ; can teach the best lessons in life. And led me to fully endorse Maya Angelou’s thoughts :

“ I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ”

Maya Angelou

The world, and our own circle of family and friends may abound in people who will text, call – to offer their apologies, condolences and sympathies at an unfavorable event, or outcome. But few will come forward and walk along with you along the tough road to better and brighter days.

In healthcare too, it’s not uncommon to find the patient being relegated to being just a ‘Client’ or a ‘Customer’, or a healthcare provider – as just being an ‘Employee’. We tend to look through the fact that there is more to life than mere monetary success, and more to the healing process – than just treating the disease.

We need to “See with the Eyes of the patients ( providers and promoters), Listen with their Ears and Feel with their Hearts ; to ensure that everyone feels great at the end of the day. A Complete PXM 3.0 Experience !

Our team at Signum Vitalis is a passionate bunch of experienced professionals in their chosen specialities, and we have an obsession, “to make the joy of healing, great again !”

Join us on this journey. Welcome on-board.


Dr.Irineu A Pereira