Greetings from Signum Vitalis.

A visit to a hospital for a consultation or an admission is often accompanied by mixed feelings of fear and faith.

Fear of the outcome of a consultation in terms of an unfavorable disease diagnosis, need for further tests and treatments, the need of prolonged hospital stays and recovery, the costs of treatments, the timeframes to resume work, et cetera.

Faith that the doctors and the hospital will ensure a safe and speedy recovery – with or without ‘Divine’ intercession and intervention.
The recent years – have unfortunately, brought in a ‘fear’ element in the faith aspect of the patient’s relationship with their healthcare providers. A fear which has crept inside because of the acts of omission and commission on the side of some rotten apples in the medical fraternity.

Avoidable tests, avoidable procedures, amongst others as well as market driven prescription and patient referral practices ; have eroded the faith of the patient community in the medical profession. The lack of effective communication , has precipitated this erosion of faith in a profession which has been a witness to a progressive erosion of its ethics and its ‘Nobility’

There is therefore an urgent need for the medical profession to reboot and re-invent itself, and regain its compromised respect in the society. It’s this need that led to the birth of SIGNUM VITALIS, an initiative with the mission “to make the medical profession great – again.”

Join the journey.

Dr.Irineu A. Pereira