Dr.Irineu A Pereira
Lead, Consultant Mentorship , PXM 3.0 & Cost-Leadership Programs. Remote Chief Experience Officer. 

MBBS, DNB(Gen.Surg), MCh(CTVS), DNB(CTVS), MBA(Healthcare Management)

A Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon – with the principal focus in crafting positive patient experiences with a combination of PXM and Cost-Leadership strategies.

These form the cornerstones of designing and aligning clinical, para-clinical and allied healthcare services towards delivering positive patient experiences.

As a matter of fact, these principles applied to his own clinical practice over 25 years; revolutionized his practice – augmenting both patient experiences and practice revenues – allowing him to focus on his passion to enable consultants and hospitals, to “enjoy” their practice – and their hobbies too.

Dr.Sandeep Pawar
Lead, Emergency & Critical Care Synergies

A Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care, Dr.Sandeep is a simplifier of the operational processes involved in staffing, equipping and operations in A&E, ICU and OT scenarios.

He has held various positions as a investor, a promoter, a director, as well as a consultant at various hospitals ; which enables him to view hospital operations and management processes from all their respective perspectives, and draw up unifying protocols for synergistic operations.

Ms.Sujaya D.Alva,
Lead, Financial Audits & Taxation Strategy

Ms.Alva is a Fellow Member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India with over 20 years of experience in financial consultancy, internal controls, taxation and audits. This allows her to understand clients’ needs and expectations, and focus on ensuring that her clients receive sound and practical advice, with exceptional service

Mr.Savio D’Souza
Lead, Healthcare Services Maintenance

A visionary entrepreneur in his own right, Mr.Savio has been involved in the practical aspects of A&E, ICU and Operation Theatre technologies for close to 30 years. He is someone who loves to be a ‘hands-on’ executor of exceptional service delivery. A very practical and down-to-earth person, results are all that matter to him.

Mr.Mohnish Ghodekar
Lead, Online Networking and Software Integration

Mr.Mohnish is an ardent believer in the ‘KISS Approach’ which is Dr.Irineu’s passion. The Mohnish led, Demerg Systems India’s belief in the ‘Keep it Safe & Simple’ mantra at Signum Vitalis ; has led to customised simple and practical Appointment Scheduling Applications as well as easy-to-use web-hosting for clients.

Mr.Jeffrey Manuel
Lead, Teambuilding

The Team Coach, Mr.Jeffrey is the King of the Mic’, a ‘Master of Ceremonies’ par excellence and a primetime Radio Jockey. He has conducted team-building activities for multinational pharmaceutical companies – amongst others ; and has even the most unsporty doctors literally eating from his hands

Dr.Preethi K.L.Miranda
Lead, Child Healthcare Experience 

The Pediatrician Dr.Preethi focuses on enhancing children’s experiences in healthcare as we believe that ‘Children are not Young Adults’. She guides in implementation of child-friendly practices in healthcare