Healing is an Art, Medicine is a Profession, but Healthcare is Business.

Medicine – we are taught , is an art and a science. In reality, it is not just an art and a science. It is much more. It’s therefore inevitable that medical education – at most times,  falls short in mentoring doctors with the principles essential to face the trials and tribulations of professional medical practice. The principles of ethics and economics  – especially in an era of capitalism, consumerism, corruption, and now coronavirus infections.

It’s common for medical graduates and post-graduates, to be taken by surprise at the commencement of their professional practice by the harsh tryst with reality of present day cut-throat medical practice. It may appear that getting into – and through medical college ; was relatively easier.
Launching a medical career in practice is not easy, but the time, energy and money invested in designing and deploying a short, intermediate and long-term practice strategy, is always a wise and worthwhile first-step.
Building referring doctor base, building a loyal patient relationships, the principles and practice of verbal and non-verbal communication , the promotional requirements, negotiating employment contracts with hospitals, designing treatment packages and even learning to stay on the right side of ethics and the laws ; are some of the basic requirements of successful medical practice.
Many well qualified  – and even established consultants ; may find themselves unprepared, and literally lost at most times. It is here that we offer an access to customized guidance as per the concerned consultant’s individual requirements – be it in augmenting their patients experiences, building loyal patient and referral doctors  relationships, professional advancement, professional protection, financial advice to healthcare professionals.
 And equip and enable them to enjoy their life the ‘SMART’ way !
The Consultant Mentoring Program is delivered at three levels as ‘One-2-One’ Coaching Program.
Level One : Basic : Recommended for Doctors in the First Two Years of clinical Practice.
Level Two : Standard : Recommended for Doctors between Three to Ten Years of Clinical Practice.
Level Three : Advanced : Recommended for Consultants with more than Ten Years in Clinical Practice..
To Survive, Live or Thrive are Choices. Why should we merely survive or live a sub-optimal life – if thriving is an option ? If Thriving is on your mind, learn more about us and our “Unique” Programs. Mail us at info@signumvitalis.org or WhatsApp : 7744 8800 22.
Come, Be a Leader.